Sunset Valley Theatre


And I finally have a decent indoor venue to share! And in time for St Patrick’s Day, too! So here is the Sunset Valley Theatre. A simple theatre with one stage.

Note: This is not intended as a functional stage for the Showtime careers. This is intended for storytelling and poses only. However if you wish to use it as a functional stage, there should be plenty of room for the stage objects.









The theatre is on a 40×40 lot and is set as Visitors Allowed, which allows you to change it to whatever you fancy.

The lot has heavy uses of the “constrainfloorelevation false” cheat, so minimal changes to the stage area is recommended, unless you are confident with the cheat.

I did use several objects from Showtime and Late Night. This is mostly the Gobo Lights, the front doors and the seats in the boxes. I also used a door from Ambitions. But generally speaking, these expansions aren’t 100% necessary for the lot to install.

To get the lot looking as it does in the photos, you’ll need the Portable Stage Light Show Lighting and the Stage Bright overhead lights from the Sims 3 Store. Apart from those, everything else is Base Game and it is CC free.

Note on the Audience: The audience was generated using the fog emitter. I give details on how I did this HERE. The fog emitters are included on the lot but you may need to “reset” them for the audience to show up. To do this, just go into Build/Buy on the lot, click each fog emitter and the audience should show. Do that for each (there are 12).

Recommended: I recommend using Cyclonesue’s Changing Room set for the changing rooms. It’s not necessary but for the aesthetics, it’s excellent.