Poses In Action: Reel Around the Sun

This edition of Poses In Action takes us to Riverdance and it showcasing the opening number, Reel Around the Sun. This uses poses from five of my pose packs, including my latest.

Presenting; Reel Around the Sun




Poses In Action: Dance Above the Rainbow

This edition of Poses in Action showcases a dance that wasn’t in Lord of the Dance, but was added for Feet of Flames. This set uses poses from each of my released pose packs, including my latest.

Presenting; Dance Above the Rainbow

Poses In Action: Cry of the Celts

Every now and again, I will be adding to my Poses in Action section of the site, showing off a selection of the poses together to form a dance number, typically from one of the shows I base the poses off of, but occasionally, there will be something original in there.

So to start off this section, I’ve put together Cry of the Celts.