Poses In Action: Cry of the Celts

Every now and again, I will be adding to my Poses in Action section of the site, showing off a selection of the poses together to form a dance number, typically from one of the shows I base the poses off of, but occasionally, there will be something original in there.

So to start off this section, I’ve put together Cry of the Celts.



Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames “Cry of the Celts” Irish Dance Pose Pack


Finally, another pose pack from me! I don’t know how much use people get out of these, but as I’m enjoying making them (it’s an excellent excuse to watch the original shows again. And again. And again ;D )
So this one is directly inspired by the first number in Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames; “Cry of the Celts”.

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