Building a Stage: Outdoor

Building an Outdoor Stage

Outdoor stages are the easiest to build and require varying amounts of time, depending on what sort of stage you’re wanting. For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do a very basic stage with an audience.

You Will Need:

  • Sims 3 Base Game
  • Sims 3 Showtime expansion (Not 100% necessary but the expansion pack does have some fabulous stage items that really finish your stage off. But if you don’t have/want the pack, then I’m sure you’ll come up with something stunning!)
  • For the audience to show up, you need to use Nraas Debug Enabler and have it installed in your Mods folder. Alternatively, you need nothing but the Fog Emitter from the BuyDebug catalogue.

Ready? Then let’s go!

First of all, you’ll want to select your lot. Personally, I like to use a 50×50, 60×60 or 64×64 to give me more space to make the stage as big or small as I want. If you’re making the stage for your own personal use for photoshoots, I recommend doing this. It allows you to have rooms as ‘dressing rooms’ (more on this later). If you’re intending to upload and share your stage, then perhaps a 40×40 would be better, to make the stage easy to use in different worlds.
So for this tutorial, I’ve chosen 10 Summer Hill court in Sunset Valley. It’s a 60×60 lot and so it will give me plenty of space for the stage.


Leave your lot as a Residential. This is because you will find it easier to work with your dancers if they aren’t trying to go home every five minutes. If you’re intending to share the lot, then make it a Community lot.
Once you’ve chosen your lot, it’s time to start on your stage! I usually put the stage at the back of the lot, to allow space for the audience crowd. So, using the foundation tool, I build a stage of 30×20, to allow me plenty of space to build the set.


If you’re intending to use the Showtime stage pieces, then the next step is to press Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard to open up the cheats menu. If you haven’t done so already, turn cheats on by typing in testingcheatsenabled true and press enter. Then press Ctrl + Shift + C again and type in buydebug and press Enter again.
Now go to Buy Mode and switch to Sort by Function. Select the question mark to open up the Debug catalogue.


Select the Misc option at the far right and wait for the catalogue to load (depending on how many expansion packs you have installed, this could take a little while). Once it has loaded, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find three stages.


I usually get all three stages out to have a close look at them and decide which I want to use.


Stage #1 is designed for outdoor stages and so would probably be your first choice. Both stages #2 and #3 are designed mostly for indoor use, but work just as well outside too (See my very first Pose Pack. It uses stage #2 and is an outdoor stage.)
For this tutorial, I’m going to use Stage #1.
So place Stage #1 onto the foundation you drew earlier (delete the other two stages – you won’t need those this time). Try and get it in the middle if you can but if you’re not fussy about the placement on the lot, then don’t worry.
Your stage should now look a little like this:


Not difficult, is it? 😀

At this point, it’s a good idea to decide on what you want the rest of the stage to look like. You can shape the stage in any way you like. You can keep it rectangular, or you could alter the shape to be a little more interesting:


This is quite easy to do. Simply use the sledgehammer tool to delete parts of the stage you don’t want. To create the stage above, this was the section I deleted:


To smooth that out, use the diagonal foundation tool and drag it across to look like this:


I now remove the remaining sections of foundation that I won’t use. This makes the stage seem fairly small but rest assured, it’s not as small as it seems. Really.


At this point, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve got a basic stage there. But a stage is no good without an audience, some lighting and some dancers. For the lighting, move on to the next tutorial, Stage Lighting. But I’ll show you now how to add an audience to your stage. There are two ways of doing this.


Go back to the Debug catalogue and look for the Big Show Crowd from the Showtime expansion. When you place it in Build/Buy, it looks like this:


Don’t worry! This will look different in Live Mode.

Now you need to enable the crowd to show up. To do this, you need to be in Live Mode. So this is the time to move a Sim onto the lot. I usually move a couple of my dancers-to-be onto the lot to do this.

When you’re in Live Mode, simply click on the ground in front of your stage where you placed the Big Show crowd and select Nraas – Debug Enabler – Options: Big Show Crowd. A window will open up that should look like this:


Select either of the top two options; it doesn’t matter which one, it’s a matter of personal choice. For this tutorial, I’ll use the Seated performance.
Unpause the game and let it run for a few moments. You’ll see the benches and people appear in front of your stage:




Find the FogEmitter object in the Bug Debug catalogue and place it on the lot. Shift-Click on it and select “Set Visual Effect”. You can then choose between a large selection of audience codes:













Once you’ve done that, you can Shift-Click and Clone as many times as you like to place your audience anywhere you like!

And there you have it. You have a basic, outdoor stage for your talented dancers. Well done! 😀

To light your stage, move on to the Stage Lighting tutorial.


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