Creating a Photoshoot

This page is under construction.

Creating A Photoshoot

One of the things I enjoy the most when using the poses is setting up the stage, lighting and costumes, as well as the poses themselves. I’ve been known to spend hours setting up the stage in the game because it’s not quite as simple as it looks.

For the photoshoots I do on the Poses In Action page, I have two different stages in two different save games.

The first is a basic indoor stage, using the stage pieces from the Showtime expansion pack, and lighting from the Late Night expansion and Showtime. This stage is used in most of the photoshoots.

The other stage I use is my Riverdance set. This only features in my Riverdance photoshoots (currently only Reel Around the Sun) and took a couple of days to build to get it the way I wanted it.

In some of the photoshoots, you see shots of an audience. These aren’t all sims (I don’t think the game would ever run if I had that many Sims on one lot!); it’s the Big Show Crowd from Showtime, found in the Buydebug menu. See the Cry of the Celts page for an example.

So this page has been set up to form a series of little tutorials on setting up the stages, lighting, costumes and poses to form your own photoshoots.



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