MissyHissy’s Dance Studio features poses inspired by Irish Dance shows.

I’ve loved the Irish Dancing since I first watched Riverdance – The Show and Lord of the Dance on video when I was 2. In 1999, when I was four and a half, I went with my mother to see Lord of the Dance in Birmingham, when Damien Doherty was dancing the lead. I absolutely adore it and since then, I’ve watched Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames (Hyde Park) and Celtic Tiger so many times. It was this love of the dancing, and in particular when I started learning myself with Olive Hurley’s DVD’s, that inspired me to couple it with my enjoyment of The Sims 3 and create a series of Irish Dance Poses.

The first pack I created in January 2014 was inspired by Michael Flatley’s Feet of Flames (Hyde Park), after having watched the DVD every night for a fortnight. After careful studying of photos, I released the first Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames Irish Dance Pose Pack, a general pack featuring poses from a variety of numbers within the show. The costumes are as close as I can get them because the costumes in the show were fantastic and I have never seen anything to equal them.

The second one I made in February 2014 was based on Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger show when I fell in love with it. I loved the way he told a powerful story entirely through dance, song and unique costumes. So once again, I started studying photos and the DVD (an excuse to keep on watching the show!) and released Part 1 of the Celtic Tiger Irish Dance Pose Pack series, featuring poses from a variety of numbers throughout Act 1 of the show.

During the creation of my Part 2 of the Celtic Tiger series, I lost the poses I’d created and instead began playing around with the poses I had. This led to my wanting to start recreating the shows through pictures within the game. To do this, I realised I needed to start creating some more.

So I went back to my Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames pack and decided to create more poses from each number. And so my Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames ‘Cry of the Celts’ Irish Dance Pose Pack was released in September 2014.

Shortly after the release of the Cry of the Celts pack, I began working on the next set of poses and sadly lost all ten poses in a computer crash. However, I’ve been stubborn and finally, in November 2014, I released my Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames ‘Celtic Dream’ Irish Dance Pose Pack.

In between the release of these two packs, I began working on a section of the site called Poses in Action, which will feature periodic sets of pictures taken in game of the poses in use to recreate certain numbers from the shows.

In December 2014, I released my Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames ‘The Warriors’ Irish Dance Pose Pack which was followed by the ‘Gypsy’ pack and the ‘Dance Above the Rainbow’ pack in January 2015. I also started my Riverdance series with Reel Around the Sun in January 2015.

I took a year off due to real life hassles and came back in January 2016 with the start of my Dancing on Dangerous Ground series, starting with the opening number.

For St Patrick’s Day 2016, I created a series of dance related items to celebrate, including a Dance Class pose pack, a theatre, dance studio, wall decor and posters.


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