Welcome to the Studio!

Welcome to MissyHissy’s  Dance Studio! Here, you will find dance poses, studios and show venues available for download.
I also post photoshoots, under the Poses In Action category, showing off some of my poses from various sets. From time to time, I will also add a Lookbook for the individual numbers.

So have fun, and don’t forget to warm up!


Irish Dance Show Poster


Now you’ve got a dance troupe, a show and a venue, you need some posters to advertise your dancers to the town.

This is a large poster to advertise an upcoming dance show. It’s one object with 10 presets and is found in the Wall Decor section of the catalogue.






Screenshots used on the posters are by me.
The mesh is by Sandy @ Around the Sims 3.


Irish Dance T-Shirts


Whether your dancers are at a feis, or just at their local dance school for lessons, they might want to show their love of Irish dancing with a t-shirt or vest. So MissyHissy’s Dance Studio brings them just that!

Young Adult/Adult

Left: Polo shirt for Females
Middle: Polo shirt for Males
Right: Vest for Females.
All are in the Everyday, Athletic and Career categories and are NOT available for random.

YA Front

YA Back


Left: Polo shirt for Females
Middle: T-Shirt for Males
Right: Vest for Females.
All are available for Everyday and Athletic and are NOT available for random.

Teen Front

Teen Back


Left: Unisex T-Shirt
Right: Vest for Girls.
All are available for Everyday and Athletic and are NOT available for random.

Child Front

Child Back

Young Adult/Adult Clothing:


Teen Clothing:


Child Clothing:





Irish Dance Wall Decals


Every dance studio wants to stand out and look different. And now, your Irish Dance Studios can!
This is a small set of Irish Dance wall decals to decorate the windows or walls of your studios, or even your bedroom.

Click the images to enlarge them.

This is a single item under the Wall Decor category in the catalogue. There are 11 presets. Only the Base Gamed is needed.


Sandy @ Around the Sims 3 for the mesh
Bing images for the pictures.


Creating a Photoshoot

Some of you may have noticed that, over the last few months, I added a section to the site on Creating your own Photoshoot with your dance poses. This new section hasn’t been highly publicised, as it’s still very much a Work In Progress. However, as I am in the process of creating some new posepacks to share, I decided to start showing off the pages and tutorials I have created.

Firstly, there are two pages on building your stage; one for Outdoor stages and one for Indoor stages. I have yet to complete the tutorial for Indoor stages – however, the Outdoor Stage tutorial is complete and can be found HERE.

I have also completed a tutorial on Stage Lighting: this is still something of a work in progress, but the foundation of it is complete. It can be found HERE.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be writing tutorials on Finding Costumes, Posing your Dance Troupe and Creating Indoor Stages.


And now, for a sneak peak on my next pack:


Coming Soon!